Friday, 13 April 2012

Implant Sciences' explosives detection equipment to be used at Summit of the Americas

Implant Sciences (PINK:IMSC) reported late Tuesday that its explosives and narcotics trace detectors will be used at the Sixth Summit of the Americas.
The Colombian National Police chose the company's explosives trace detection equipment as part of its security plan at the summit, the company said.
Both the Quantum Sniffer QS-H150 and the Quantum Sniffer QS-B220 will be used at the Sixth Summit of the Americas, where 34 heads of state and government of the Americas will convene in Cartagena, Colombia on April 14 and 15, 2012.
The systems will be set-up at entry checkpoints as the primary explosives screening mechanism for bags, people and briefcases in a layered security environment.
Implant's systems are used by private companies as well as government agencies to screen baggage, cargo, vehicles, among other objects, and people for the detection of trace amounts of explosives.
The QS-H150 is a handheld explosives trace detector that rapidly detects trace amounts of a number of military, commercial, and homemade explosives. The QS-H150 uses no radioactive materials.
The company's other main product, the Quantum Sniffer QS-B220, is a trace detector that uses ion mobility spectrometry to identify a number of military, commercial and homemade explosives and narcotic substances. It was introduced in May, 2011.
The benchtop explosives and narcotics detector is suited for a number of security settings, including high-traffic airports, borders, and prisons.
In December, the QS-B220 device received CE Certification, an important step for generating sales in Europe, and in February, achieved ASTM E2520-07 certification.
IMSC said it is working with the Colombian National Police on the delivery, set-up and implementation of its handheld and benchtop devices.
The company’s share price traded at $1 apiece on Wednesday afternoon.

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