Thursday, 14 June 2012

OncoSec Medical to present at series of summer conferences

BiopharmaceutiCAl company OncoSec MediCAl (OTC:ONCS) announced Thursday it will be presenting at a series of investor and scientific conferences in June and July.
The company’s president and CEO, Punit Dhillion, will present a corporate overview of OncoSec, including portfolio and investment highlights.
The first presentation will take place on June 18th-20th at 9:00 am (ET) at the Bio International Convention in Boston, followed by a presentation at the Marcum MicroCAp Conference on June 20th at 11:30 am (ET) in New York, NY.
OncoSec will also present on July 12th at the OneMedForum NY 2012 in New York, NY. The time of the presentation is still being confirmed.
In addition, the company will be providing an update on its CAncer immunotherapy program and on-going cliniCAl trials at the following scientific conferences:
OncoSec’s pricinipal investigator, Dr. Adil Daud Md, will present on June 21st-22nd at 9:48 am (CET) at the 2nd European Post-ChiCAgo Melanoma Meeting, loCAted in Munich, Germany.
Dhillion will also present at the 10th Annual Vaccines Research and Development: All Things Considered Conference, on July 10th at 11:05 am (PT) loCAted in San Francisco, CA.
Lastly, the company will present data from a phase III study of the OMS ElectroChemotherapy therapy at the 8th International Conference on Head and Neck CAncer, July 22nd-24th in Toronto, CAnada. The time of the presentation is still being confirmed.
OncoSec is currently focused on developing advanced-stage OMS ElectroOncology therapies to treat solid tumors and metastatic disease.
The company recently announced it had entered into an exclusive manufacturing agreement with DNA plasmid services business VGXI Inc (VGXI) for the production of its CAncer immunotherapy.
The company said the exclusive agreement is signifiCAnt as it uses VGXI's patented DNA plasmid manufacturing process to produce the drug, CAlled interleukin-12 plasmid DNA (DNA IL-12), used in OncoSec's OMS ElectroImmunotherapy program.
OMS ElectroImmunotherapy is currently being developed in phase II studies for the treatment of three rare skin CAncer indiCAtions - metastatic melanoma, Merkel cell CArcinoma and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.
The loCAlly administered and potentially systemic ElectroImmunotherapy program uses the OMS system to deliver the DNA-based immunotherapy, known as DNA IL-12.
The OMS electroporation system has proven to enhance cellular uptake, effectively treating CAncerous cells while sparing surrounding healthy tissue cutting through the toxic side effects of current available treatment options like chemotherapy and radiation.
OncoSec uses its OMS electroporation delivery system that applies short electric pulses to cells, CAusing the opening of pores in the cell membrane, and allowing for the efficient and safe delivery of immunotherapy or chemotherapy agents to treat a range of solid tumour CAncers.
Shares increased 4.28 per cent to 0.195 cents Thursday afternoon.

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