Friday, 23 March 2012

OncoSec to present data from two cancer studies in April

OncoSec Medical Inc. (OTC:ONCS) said Thursday it will exhibit data from late stage studies on head and neck cancers at two upcoming conventions.

The biomedical company, founded in 2011, develops advance-stage ElectroOncology anti-cancer therapies to treat people with solid tumours.

OncoSec said data from its Phase IV study was chosen for a poster session and oral presentation at the 5th European Conference on Head and Neck Oncology, and takes place in Poland on April 18 through 21, 2012.

Additionally, the data from a Phase III study will be presented at the 8th International Head and Neck Cancer Conference in Toronto on July 21 through 25, 2012.

The company has compiled and analyzed data from both studies carried out in Europe and the United States, since acquiring the OMS ElectroChemotherapy assets, in March 2011.

In a statement, OncoSec’s chief executive, Punit Dhillon, said: "With this data, we expect to finalize our clinical development
plan and move forward with commercializing the ElectroChemotherapy platform with a partner, either regionally or globally."

OncoSec uses its electroporation delivery system which applies cell membrane stimulation to deliver immunotherapy or chemotherapy to treat a range of cancerous tumour types.

The OMS electroporation system has proven to enhance cellular uptake, effectively treating cancerous cells while sparing surrounding healthy tissue cutting through the toxic side effects of current available treatment options like chemotherapy and

In 2011, the company managed to outline a clinical development plan for its local and potentially systemic ElectroImmunotherapy
program, which uses the OMS system to deliver a DNA-based immunotherapy, known as DNA IL-12.

DNA IL-12 IS designed to induce a local immune response against the treated cancerous tumour, while exploiting this response to initiate a global systemic response against untreated tumours in other areas of the body.

For the metastatic melanoma trial, a total of up to 25 patients with stage three or four cutaneous and in-transit metastatic
melanoma will be enrolled in the phase two, single-arm, open-label and multi-centre study.

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