Friday, 16 March 2012

TrueContext Mobile Solutions releases new dispatching feature for ProntoForms app

TrueContext Mobile Solutions Corp (CVE:TMN) said Friday that it has released a new dispatching feature for its mobile business app ProntoForms, expanding the app's functions and broadening the company's customer base.
The company, which in early 2010 announced its reseller partnership with AT&T (NYSE:T), is responsible for the ProntoForms business application, which does away with paperwork and redundant data entry, allowing field workers in the retail inspection field, for example, to fill business forms out of the office from all major device platforms such as Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad, RIM's (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSE:RIM) Blackberry, Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android platform and Microsoft's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows Mobile platform.
Dispatching with ProntoForms allows managers to partially populate mobile forms and to dispatch them to specific team members directly into the field. This means field workers do not have to make head office return visits to be assigned key information, nor do they have to fill out entire mobile forms on their own when on location, True Context said.
Managers and administrators can also control company dispatching through the back office system or the ProntoForms Web Portal.
Data can be dispatched to select teams or individuals, and can be handled manually, scheduled with look-up tables, or machine-driven through API calls.
"Dispatching is a major feature improvement for ProntoForms," said CEO Alvaro Pombo.
"It opens new subscriber opportunities and allows us to go deeper with current customers, and makes our product instantly more appealing to multiple other vertical industries we were not yet targeting."
The app, which is available for purchase directly through AT&T's Small Business Mobile Application Recommender Tool (SMART), allows users to create forms, generate reports, as well as capture signatures and photos within minutes.
Data on the mobile form is maintained securely in a data-center, and can be turned into emails or PDF reports, instantly accessible with an internet connection or connected to back office systems.
The app hits the sweet spot in terms of what small and medium businesses desire for mobile applications - it is a tool that will help their mobile workforce increase productivity in the field, helping businesses save time and be more effective.
Subscribers can also download templates and customize forms as they wish through the TrueContext website.
Ottawa-based TrueContext, formed in 2001, has a powerful and proprietary patent portfolio, from which ProntoForms' mobile app and web-reporting portal are developed.

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