Thursday, 28 February 2013

Snipp launches latest tool in mobile solutions with “SnippCheck”

Mobile marketing services firm Snipp Interactive Inc. (CVE:SPN) Thursday announced the launch of SnippCheck, the newest addition to its Mobilize Me suite.
Snipp's "Mobilize Me" platform includes three mobile specific solutions - response, infrastructure and validation - which collectively allow brands to interact with their customers through mobile across the entire purchase lifecycle.
SnippCheck uses its image recognition technology to validate the authenticity of pictures submitted by customers through their mobile phone. 
For the first time, the company says brands can set up programs that enable their customers to simply send a picture of their purchase receipts to receive coupons, participate in contests, collect loyalty points, unlock rewards or receive rebates – eliminating the need for companies to manually validate a proof of purchase received by regular mail.
"SnippCheck is a revolutionary new solution that is taking the shopper marketing industry by storm,” says CEO and co-founder Atul Sabharwal.
“It not only is more cost-effective for brands given our unique "Pay-Per-Snipp" pricing model based on user participation, but it is easier for consumers to participate in these programs because all it takes is a camera enabled phone. 
“We have leading brands nationwide in discussions with us today to run programs via SnippCheck."
Snipp says the new addition to its mobile solutions toolbox requires no point-of-sale integration, works across retailers, on all phones and in real time, if required. 
By creating entirely mobile workflows for product and receipt processing, the company says SnippCheck helps brands lower their costs of mail-in rebate programs by at least 50 per cent and allows for customers to receive their rebates or rewards on a pre-determined schedule, versus the industry standard six to eight weeks.
Snipp says it saw “great success and press” from the SnippCheck pilot campaign with Arm & Hammer, and looks to continue to grow the solution to meet the needs of its growing client list. 
The company says it has “a number of exciting campaigns” coming through the pipeline.

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