Tuesday, 24 July 2012

OncoSec Medical featured in TV report, and in San Francisco Chronicle

OncoSec Medical (OTCBB:ONCS) announced Tuesday that it was featured on the Oakland television station KTVU-TV on July 20, and in the San Francisco Chronicle on July 18.
The biopharmaceutical company is focused on the development of its advanced-stage OMS ElectroOncology therapies to treat solid tumor cancers.
The KTVU segment that aired July 20 during "Channel 2 News at 5," reported upon OncoSec’s clinical trial for melanoma currently underway at the University of California-San Francisco.
The report was by KTVU’s health and science editor, John Fowler, and was under the direction of principal investigator Dr. Adil Daud, in collaboration with OncoSec Medical.
Oncosec’s president Punit Dhillon, Dr. Daud and a patient enrolled in the study all provided comment on the OMS Electrolmmunotherapy. Of note, the report highlighted that OncoSec's therapy is unique because although the electroporation treatment is local, it has shown to have an anti-cancer effect throughout the entire body.
The KTVU-TV report is available at the link bellow:
Meanwhile, the article in the Chronicle titled, “Melanoma treatment shows promise at UCSF," described OMS ElectroImmunotherapy treatment and discussed clinical trial results to date, such as the positive response of one of the patients enrolled in the clinical trial.
The San Francisco Chronicle article is available at the link below:
www.sfgate.com/default/article/Melanoma-treatment-shows-promise-at-UCSF-3714590.php - photo-3202959
OncoSec Medical System’s (OMS) treatment platform treats solid tumours and spares surrounding healthy tissue, avoiding the detrimental effects of current cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy or immunotherapy.
OMS applies short electric impulses to the tumor, causing pores to open in the membrane of cancer cells, which significantly increases the uptake of immunotherapy or chemotherapy into these cells.
The company announced yesterday that its two phase III studies testing its OMS electrochemotherapy treatment for head and neck cancer showed "improved quality of life." The data from an interim analysis are being presented July 22-24 at the 8th International Conference on Head and Neck Cancer in Toronto, Canada.
The trials, HNBE-01 and HNBE-02, tested the company's electrochemotherapy treatment for locally recurrent and second primary squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.
Oncosec reported that the data showed the therapy achieved the main goal of the trial to preserve quality of life as compared to surgery, while appearing to be safe and comparable to surgery in terms of achieving local control.
The company said the therapy represents a "viable alternative" to potentially major surgical interventions for the head and neck cancer population, where recurrent tumours usually have a poor prognosis, with a local control rate of 40 to 50 per cent and frequent loss of organ function.

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