Thursday, 18 October 2012

Argex Titanium appoints Philippe Guillemaille as sales manager

Argex Titanium Inc. (CVE:RGX) Thursday announced the arrival of newly appointed marketing and sales manager Philippe Guillemaille, effective immediately.
He brings a wide-ranging background to Argex as a sales and marketing professional in the chemical industry.
Prior to this, Guillemaille has held positions as sales manager for Fuji Film, Monsanto (NYSE:MON) and Exxon Chemicals.
Recently, he worked as regional business manager for Kronos, a titanium dioxide producer. Guillemaille has a degree from the Lyon Institute of Technology, France. 
"Guillemaille is an expert in sales management and negotiation," Argex chief executive Roy Bonnell said in a release. "He brings unrivalled knowledge of the global titanium dioxide industry." 
Bonnell added his expertise will speed up existing and developing end-user relationships in the coatings sector and introduce Argex to new markets like the food and cosmetic industry. 
Under his new role, Guillemaille will be involved in market development which covers R&D for end users and will work with management to maximize the internal rate of return. 
Argex is a near-term producer of titanium dioxide. The mineral, when used as a pigment, could be found in paints, plastics, inks, medicines and toothpaste. 
The Montreal, Quebec-based company has implemented a simple low-risk strategy to scale-up a proprietary process to make high-purity titanium dioxide from run-of-mine material. 
The process is running continuously at the mini-plant in Mississauga, Ontario. The closed-loop process is environmentally friendly and produces minimal inert tailings.
Argex also owns a majority stake in the Mouchalagane property, a large Labrador trough iron ore acreage.

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