Thursday, 14 March 2013

Advanced Proteome rises as proprietary agents prepared for anti-cancer testing

Shares of Advanced Proteome Therapeutics (CVE:APC) moved up Thursday after the company told investors it has prepared its own protein conjugates for testing as part of its potentially groundbreaking anti-cancer therapy. 
A protein conjugate is a protein that is linked to a non-protein. A multimer is a substance in which more than one protein is linked together.
Using the company's technologies, it has applied synthetic methods that are "site-specific", it noted, therefore allowing the production of homogeneous products, which it says represent the "gold standard" of purity in the industry. 
The technology is based on a proprietary platform that can be used to attach known therapeutics to specific sites on a designated protein carrier - in this case, proteins that have shown affinity for specific cancer cells, hence the targeted and combination therapy.
The attachments are designed to boost the properties of the protein targeted for the specific cancer cells, giving it additional therapeutic abilities.
The three-in-one treatment, which the company calls Foundation Trinity, acts as a targeted, combination and homogeneous therapy - all in a single agent. The company likens the treatment to a "multiple warhead" therapy, looking to expand on the classical "magic bullet" concept in drug development. 
 "The preparation of such protein conjugates by APC scientists represents an innovation and important milestone for the company and shows that company scientists have amassed significant proprietary know how," said the company in a statement today, citing president and CEO, Allen Krantz. 
"It places the company in a strong position to capitalize on its ability to chemically generate protein conjugates, site specifically, that can be targeted for cancer cells." 
Site specific modification technology is regarded as key to avoiding heterogeneous mixtures that can compromise biological activity, complicate manufacturing and production processes, and give rise to unwanted toxicities.
As the next step in its plan, Advanced Proteome is now in negotiation with experts in the cancer field to test the properties of these agents in their respective laboratories.
The company's profile is gaining, as Krantz has been invited to give the keynote address at BIT's sixth annual World Protein and Peptide Conference in China, which is expected to attract more than 1,000 participants. 
In his address, Dr. Krantz will review the status of protein conjugate drugs and cite advanced approaches to their preparation pursued at the company, he said. 
Shares of Advanced Proteome rose by one penny to 16 cents in Thursday afternoon trade, and are up by more than 7 cents so far this year.

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