Monday, 25 March 2013

Great Panther's CEO Archer does interview with Seeking Alpha

Great Panther Silver (TSE:GPR), a silver mining company with a market capitalization of $190 million that operates the Topia and the Guanajuato mines in Mexico, says its CEO Robert Archer triggered a lively online discussion on influential financial markets blog Seeking Alpha, with a recent Q&A article. 
"GPL's Fiscal Year 2012 Financial Results were published on March 13 2013 and provided the context for us to contact the company and ask permission to perform an interview with Robert Archer, CEO of Great Panther Silver, which was swiftly facilitated by Rhonda Bennetto, Vice President of Corporate Communications.
We would like to thank Rhonda and Robert for generously allocating time to answer our queries, and we hope that existing and aspiring investors will find the answers as valuable and insightful as we did."

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