Thursday, 30 August 2012

Implant Sciences joins International Air Cargo Association

Implant Sciences Corp. (OTCQB:IMSC) has now become a member of the International Air cargo Association, the company said Thursday.
The association represents all segments of the air cargo logistics industry, and allows companies to network, share knowledge and address industry issues.
Members include some of the largest airlines, freight forwarders, shippers, and airports in the world.
"Implant has been seeing growing interest from the air cargo logistics community," said Implant Sciences' CEO Glenn D Bolduc. 
"We look forward to working with TIACA and its member companies to further the interests of the air cargo industry."
The Quantum Sniffer QS-B220, launched in May 2011, is an explosives and drug trace detector that uses ion mobility to find trace amounts of narcotics and homemade bombs. 
Implant Sciences also makes the Quantum Sniffer QS-H150, which is a trace detector that utilizes ion mobility spectrometry to find a number of military, commercial or homemade explosives.
The QS-H150 uses no radioactive materials and has a low-maintenance design.
Earlier this month, Implant reported new sales of its explosives trace detection system in Nigeria for aviation security. 
The latest shipment went to ASL Airlines Services in Lagos, while implant's distributor A.C. Belgrave made the sale.

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