Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Transeuro Energy boosts production again in January at Beaver River

Transeuro Energy (CVE:TSU) has revealed yet another month of boosted gas production from its Beaver River field in Canada in January. 
Gas production was 48,130 cubic metres per day last month, compared to 42,418 cubic metres in December, when production was reduced for the first 10 days due to high pipeline pressures after the November plant shutdown that had constrained the field compressors but have since returned to normal. 
Production was hit in November, averaging just 26,074 cubic metres per day due to temporary throughput restrictions at the Fort Nelson processing plant.
The latest results for January are not far behind the 51,350 cubic metres produced in October, when there were no interferences.
The primary goal at the Beaver River field is to further develop existing subsistence-level gas production and establish the field as an economic operation.
The company also has interests in gas exploration and appraisal developments in Crimea, Ukraine. 

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