Monday, 16 September 2013

EMED Mining: Permits could be issued by end of 2013

EMED Mining (LON:EMED) (TSE:EMD) has revealed that the Spanish government has publicly reaffirmed the feasibility of giving the company the two remaining permits for the Rio Tintocopper mine in Spain by the end of 2013.
Getting its hands on the Environmental Plan (AAU) and the Administrative Standing (AS) will mean site preparations can begin at the famous mine. 
The company added that the 30-day public comment period on the Environmental Plan began on September 14 – updated for tweaks to the tailings management facility that were agreed in May.
Harry Anagnostaras-Adams, EMED’s Managing Director and chief executive, said he was pleased with the increased pace of the permitting process as it reaches the final stages before the project’s restart.
He said: “In July the authorities received a favourable Viability Report from CEDEX, the Government's independent technical expert for the refinements to the tailings management facility.
“In August the 30-day public viewing of the associated Environmental Plan was approved, and it has just officially opened. 
“These are the steps for the granting of Administrative Standing for the company's mineral rights over the world class Rio Tintomining district. We can then trigger the initial works of a twelve month program leading to commissioning.”
Anagnostaras-Adamas added: “This intensifying permitting progress follows our successful consolidation of the ownership of all the project assets in late 2012, installation of new product off-take arrangements and, especially, our re-engineering of the operating plans and other modernizing improvements including tailings and water treatment. 
“The planned environmental innovations are as important as the obvious developmental and economic benefits.
“The progress as we move closer to restarting the project is encouraging on all fronts - permitting, finance and project preparations.”

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