Friday, 26 July 2013

RESAAS says "The Rook" to have new private group on its platform

RESAAS Services (CNSX:RSS) says that renowned real estate trainer "The Rook" has struck a deal to deliver exclusive content to his audience through a private social group on the company's social networking platform designed for real estate professionals. 
"I work with thousands of fellow REALTORS to educate them in how to use technology and social media effectively," said The Rook in a statement released by RESAAS late Thursday. "To discover a new platform like RESAAS, which simplifies this beyond measure and lets REALTORS focus on what they do best, is so exciting for me."
Under the terms of the deal, past and present students of The Rook's training program will be invited to join his new private group on the RESAAS platform, gaining access to exclusive content, tips and insight.
RESAAS, whose social network is designed to allow real-time updating of property listings as well as the ability to sync with social media sites such as Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter, is growing steadfast in its popularity, continually adding broker after broker to its platform across the U.S. and Canada. 
Known as real estate broadcasts, RESAAS' reblasts engine automatically generates all of an agency's real estate workflow into social content that is instantly pushed out to the RESAAS platform and other social networks. Last month, the company said it planned to raise $2 million to meet with demand and expand its platform into Europe. Earlier this week, RESAAS  added Live Love Charlotte, a Charlotte-based real estate agency, to its social networking platform, its fourth such addition this week. 
"Jason [The Rook] helps real estate professionals succeed using technology and social media. RESAAS is the social network for the real estate industry, so this partnership couldn't be better aligned," said the social network company's president, Tom Rossiter. "Jason has quite a following, and we're excited to bring his more than 16,000 pupils into an exclusive online social group on RESAAS".
Outside of his coaching programs, The Rook is director of technology at Keller Williams, the largest real estate franchise in North America by agent count, according to the release, with more than 80,000 agents spanning over 700 locations.

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