Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Snipp launches augmented reality mobile product with Lexus campaign in Kuwait

Snipp Interactive (CVE:SPN) has helped launch an augmented reality campaign in the Middle East by Lexus Kuwait, powered by the mobile marketing firm's newest Snipp Khayal product, in its effort to expand its presence in abroad. 
The Snipp Khayal app is an augmented reality experience -- where a visual overlay is introduced onto a view of the physical world -- for both Android and iOS devices in the Middle East, according to Snipp's statement released Tuesday. 
In the mobile space, these interactive experiences can be triggered by cellphone location or by images viewed through the camera, and can deliver sound, video, photos and more to the user. 
The new Snipp app was used last week at an exclusive press-only event in Kuwait, the company said, where journalists were given phones with Khayal pre-installed and experienced Lexus' new 2014 IS range. 
Snipp said the app displayed an in-phone video, and virtually displayed color options, lights and a tour of the car's interior. According to the company release, Lexus is the first car company to launch an augmented reality-driven mobile campaign in Kuwait. 
"Augmented Reality is a currently infant and underutilized mobile technology. AR is the next generation of engagement and we are happy are to partner with leading brands who are embracing this innovative emerging technology," said Snipp's CEO and co-founder Atul Sabharwal.
The company has continually been adding to its mobile marketing toolbox as it figures that as an increasing number of people spend more time carrying out traditional web-based activities such as shopping and social interaction on their mobile devices, every company will need to start implementing a "mobile optimized layer" for their business to support this growing trend. 
It recently launched SnippQR, a tool with which users can create an unlimited number of QR codes in high-resolution, print-ready formats. 
Snipp said in May that several key initiatives are expected to bear fruit for the company, any one of which can drive significant revenue and profitability gains, including an organic acquisition strategy, the launch of new products and the continued development of its overseas relationships.
Its sales jump in the latest quarter was attributed to new sales channels, additional sales contracts from existing customers, as well as new clients and the launch of new products like SnippCheck - a mobile receipt processing service - and SnippWine. 
Headquartered in Washington, D.C. and established in 2007, Snipp has provided its services to several Fortune 500 companies and other major brands, advertising agencies and publishers, including Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT), Ford (NYSE:F), Wendy's (NASDAQ:WEN) and Campbell Soup (NYSE:CPB). It also worked on new campaigns last year with Taco Bell & ESPN, Meredith Corp, Arm & Hammer, and James Hardie, and launched Snipp in Mexico and the Middle East, executing successful campaigns in both markets. 
"We plan on taking the Middle East market by storm, delivering innovative mobile solutions like Augmented Reality," said managing director of Snipp's Middle East office, Aya Kabarra. "It is truly an exciting technology with infinite opportunities for brands to market and connect with their customers."

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